Thank you for your interest in LYNX Hooks® Interlocking Adjustable Gear Straps - the revolutionary light-utility tie-downs that are so superior to old-fashioned bungee cords, they’re going to be your new must-have tool for work and play.

Lynx Hooks cluster on a Harley

You're going to want to replace all your bungee cords with LYNX Hooks gear straps. They’re not only pure genius in design, they’re constructed with uncompromising quality: UV- and marine-resistant, with a premium, patented solid rubber formulation, covered with weather-resistant woven polyester jackets, attached to premium woven webbing and tough, field-tested ABS hooks and buckles, and an overall safety rating of 25 pounds of pull-force per strap. And, they’re just plain gorgeous. That’s a strange thing to say about any tie-down, especially if you're used to looking at bungee cords!

Choose the color that works best for your plans: Match your vehicle, ATV, RV, snowmobile, boat, tractor, truck. Select something vivid, like bright red, or hi-viz green for visibility, especially on snow. Blaze orange, if you’re going hunting. Or, go for something understated, like tactical black, olive green to blend into the woods, or black reflective which is business-suit classy in the daytime, but its reflective Xs light up like fluorescent tubes when light hits them after dark.

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