Over here at LYNX Hooks, we’re all about playing hard, but staying secure, and staying safe. That’s why this article on Bungee Cords from Vision Source, specialists in vision care products optometric services, was especially disturbing. Bungee Cords pose an incredible risk to your eyesightShould the cord snap or fly loose, “the hook, the cord, and/or the fastener come straight at your eye at up to 200 miles an hour.” You can imagine how damaging such trauma could be to your sensitive eyes. Vision Source doesn’t have to imagine; they deal with this type of injury regularly.
Bungee Cords
Bungee cords are the old standard stretchy tie-down, with stretchy flexibility and fun colors to entice you. But they also offer, unfortunately, cheap materials, cheap construction, and outdated design. The result: risk factors most people don’t really see or believe, because bungee cords are so familiar.
LYNX Hooks Web
Look how easily LYNX Hooks web across a truck bed!
LYNX Hooks gear straps are versatile, adjustable and useful wherever you could use a bungee. More importantly, they were carefully designed with reliability, longevity, ease of use, and the security of your gear firmly in mind… on top of (bonus!!) really fun colors. Most important of all: We care about your eyes. We care about your safety. We built those concerns into our design, because we care about your ability to have many more adventures, to Pack, Secure and Play.
Get Hooked on LYNX Hooks gear straps, and Ban the Bungee. Your eyes will thank you.