Come Rain or Shine: A Review from England April 14, 2016 08:57

Bob from England decided to give LYNX Hooks a dry run....that turned into a very wet run. Check out his impressions from a race with LYNX Hooks! 

"Back safe and sound from Le Mans.

This year the race was earlier than it has ever been and despite the photos(sunshine) taken on theSunday before we set off for Rouen it was, in the main, cold and wet.
We rode through some rain of biblical scale but nothing leaked or fell off.
Your lynx hook straps are what I have been looking for, for years. Simply put they give you control. Anyone who has tried to stretch a bungee just that little bit more and been rewarded by a sharp crack of metal hook on cold finger ends will understand. With the Lynx hooks system you position and then tension.
Nothing snaps back at you………………Control.
The ‘Bobtails’ are great, as you say you can have an anchor point wherever you want one…….control.
I haven’t used the gear grabbers, a situation has not yet arisen, but I’ve demonstrated them to friends and all are impressed. “Now that’s clever” seemed to be the most used comment.
In closing, I think you know I’m impressed, probably like every other Lynx hooks user. The stash bag is on the ‘How the hell did I manage without them’ pile.
A top quality bit of kit.
Thanks and very best regards, Bob."