How to Make a LYNX Hooks Cluster January 7, 2014 11:41

These pictures show you how to make a LYNX Hooks cluster. For more details on how to make a cluster, watch the video at the end! *102A *102B *102C *102D   The LYNXHooks cluster is what makes it possible for you to build a simple cargo net, right on your cargo. Here’s how. You already know you can lock LYNXHooks together this way, but you can also lock them together this way. From there, you can open that cluster and   add a third hook, and close the loop. Now you have a three-way tie down. And you can always open the loop and add a fourth hook. Now you’ve got a four-way tiedown. Make it a five-way….six-way…. And, add clusters at the free ends, for a more elaborate cargo net. The sky’s the limit with LYNX Hooks! Your turn!