Caught in a squall? Don't fret! April 07, 2014 11:40

With the fickle spring weather, rain or hail can happen without warning. If you find yourself caught in a squall, use LYNX Hooks and a tarp to cover your machine.   When you left home base, the skies were clear. They’re not clear any more! But when you carry LYNX Hooks products in your emergency kit, you’re covered. Here’s how to protect your gear when the weather throws you for a loop. Step 1. Find 2 reasonably straight sticks a little longer than your wheelbase, and park on them, facing into the wind. Step 2. Get 4 LYNX Hooks Bobtails from the emergency gear you always carry with you on any excursion, and attach one behind each tire. Putting them behind the tires, with your ATV facing upwind, will help keep the tarp from flapping if the wind picks up. Step 3. Get out your tarp, four LYNX Hooks gear grabbers, and four LYNX Hooks tiedowns. Step 4. Make a hospital corner and attach a tiedown to the folded tarp  -- that’s 2 layers of tarp material -- with the gear grabber, then connect the tiedown to the Bobtail you’ve already placed. Repeat at each of the 3 remaining corners, then snug it all down. Step 5. Now wait for the squall to pass, then Step 6. Get back on the trail and see what you’ve been missing!