LYNX Hooks: Grounds Maintenance August 19, 2014 12:56

With LYNX Hooks tie-downs always handy, you can finish your outdoors chores and go play. We’ve all got chores to do. With LYNX Hooks tie-downs, get ‘em done faster and more easily. 7:30 am: They’re adjustable, so they’re always the right length, and they work together to compress and secure every bit of this load of dirt clods, horse manure, and brush to the dump. 8:15 am: They secure this heavy estate mower across rough fields to the neighbor’s place. 10:00 am: They keep this tarp secure and quiet all the way to the landfill. 12:00 noon: They keep yours & your partner’s lunch and water from flying off into the dirt. 12:30 and They haul gates to the back forty… 12:30 While a load of firewood heads to another neighbor’s place. All good reasons to keep LYNX Hooks handy, on every machine.   Here’s another reason.   It’s all so you and your loved ones can get out there.