Easily Carry Your Cross-Country Skis January 6, 2015 08:03

When your skis and poles insist on scrambling in your arms, it can be hard to trudge to and from the trailhead without getting hung up on brush and stuff. So here’s a quick and easy solution from LYNX Hooks Systems. Open up one LYNX Hooks tie-down. Separate it into two pieces by opening the quick-release buckle. Take the long portion, the part that doesn’t have the rubber stretch section, and run the quick-release buckle end around the skis and through the loop that attaches the hook to the other end. Position it  just behind the bindings. Take the short rubber section and do the same, in front of the bindings. If your skis are nice and fat like these BC skis, do it where the skis are narrower, up close to the tips, then run it back down toward the bindings until you can reconnect the quick release buckle. Now your skis are bound together and you even have a carrying handle. Now this part’s optional. Take two LYNX Hooks Bobtails and loop them around your poles, spaced about the same as what you’ve already done on your skis. Lock the hooks of the bobtails to the hooks from the tiedown on your skis. Just  another way LYNX Hooks Systems help you get your stuff together, and get out there.