The LYNX Hooks Bobtail February 12, 2015 09:41

The LYNX Hooks Bobtail is an accessory that lets you create an anchor point where you need it, so you can lock in with a LYNX Hooks tie-down. Ready and waiting in the four corners of your pickup bed, for example. Or, bundle the corner of a tarp over a stick to make a shelter post, and secure it with a LYNX Hooks tie-down to make a guyline. The main bar on your mountain bike is too fat for a hook, but a Bobtail makes it work with the best hook on earth! Park your ATV on a couple of sticks, then use Bobtails to create a ground anchor for a tarp. All the places you need to connect to, but that don’t accommodate a hook, become usable anchor spaces with a Bobtail. And that fancy paint job loves the Bobtail's soft but secure connection. The LYNX Hooks Bobtail, available in a handy 4-pack, and in the LYNX Hooks Stash Bag, at selected online and brick-and-mortar outlets all over the globe. Just another way we’re helping you get out there.