The LYNX Hooks Gear Grabbers: create an anchor point on any material! March 26, 2015 08:52

The LYNX Hooks Gear Grabber™ lets you create sturdy anchor points on nearly any type of material, without damaging the material. If the grommets on your tarp are ripped out, or in the wrong location for your needs, no problem -- the Gear Grabber makes a quick and secure connection right where you want it. If you want to hang your bear spray within easy reach on the outside of your backpack, trust the Gear Grabber. Works great on all kinds of outdoor fabric -- visqueen, tent canvas, plastic tarps, backpack fabric, your sweatshirt, even ballistic fabric! Available in handy 4-packs and as part of the LYNX Hooks Outdoorsman Stash bag ™.