Hazard Alert: Bungee Cord Eye Injury Risk April 24, 2015 11:38

Bungee cords: Not very good at their job, and terrible for the user. Just ask anyone who’s suffered an eye injury or worse.

Even the Duke University Occupational & Environmental Safety Office agrees about the hazard of bungee cords. This excerpt is pulled straight from a Duke OESO document: “Duke employees have suffered severe eye injuries when working with bungee cords.”  

But...Ratchet Straps — the only solution? Ratchet straps are great for securing your John Deere on your flatbed. They’re great for securing your ATV to its trailer.  But they not such a great choice for securing your laptop and lunch to your bicycle, or your camping gear to your ATV, or for securing anything that would be damaged by the overkill of a ratchet strap.

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They’re just like Goldlilocks said: Ju-uuuuust Ri-iiiiiight!