LYNX Hooks is Going to Germany! June 15, 2015 06:02

For the first time, LYNX Hooks is going overseas for a trade show! We thought it would be fun to tease the event by showing you some of the booth setup we've put together. 

These images are for the banners we're having built for our fresh new display. The banners will be five feet tall and will debut, along with the rest of the new display, at the world-famous Friedrichshafen Outdoor Show in Germany next month.  


It was necessary to design new banners because when we first started attending trade shows, we had only the one centerpiece product — our interlocking adjustable gear strap. Now we have accessories that make it even easier for the consumer to secure their gear, by creating anchor points in otherwise difficult or even impossible locations for hooks to connect to, let alone connect securely to — such as a sapling, or fabric such as a canvas or plastic tarp, or a bar that’s a weird shape or too large to accommodate a hook. And, they create those anchor points without causing damage. We thought that was a “detail" worth displaying to the buyers who will be attending the show in search of great new products for their outdoor gear stores!

So, if you're in Germany during the early part of July, swing by the show and say hello!