SUP With LYNX Hooks August 2, 2016 15:13

Love your standup paddleboard? We make it easy to get your stuff together and get on the water:

All you need is 4 LYNX Hooks Bobtails looped onto the board’s D-rings, and 3 LYNX Hooks interlocking adjustable gear straps. That’s it.

To secure the cooler, snap the hooks of the Bobtails and straps together into a 5-way cluster on each side.

Then the upper strap secures the lid, and its QR buckle makes it easy to get your lunch, and put your catch on ice.

Tighten down for a low center of gravity, and add whatever else you might need to grab quickly– like cell phone, tackle bag, etc.

Just another way we’re helping you get out there.