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LYNX Hooks Loves Mother Nature...Even When She’s In A Bad Mood January 29, 2016 16:34

In 2015, a record-breaking windstorm in the Pacific Northwest snapped thousands of healthy trees, but in those same hurricane-force winds, LYNX Hooks Gear Straps held the tarps to a greenhouse without breaking a sweat.

Fifty-five mph gusts at the Overland Expo in Arizona snapped the lines on this high end shelter, but LYNX Hooks Gear Straps and Bobtails held a humble tarp, and our booth, secure.

Don’t let Mother Nature keep you from living a full life of adventure. Just be prepared! With LYNX Hooks Interlocking Adjustable Gear Straps and Bobtails. Just another way we’re helping you Get Out There.

Stay Safe, Go Wild January 15, 2016 16:17

One of my favorite adventuring articles of 2015 was entitled Wilderness Fears Debunked, and featured in Canoeroots Magazine. It highlighted nine major wilderness risks, and paid special attention to our awareness of them. There’s the obvious dangers that roar or crackle, then the far more insidious ones that freeze, or weaken and sicken from the inside out. But perhaps the biggest danger is “not going at all,” letting the hazards scare you into staying home, settling for a life lived indoors.

I think the article resonated so much because it really brought me back to LYNX Hooks’ mission--helping people spend more time doing what they love--and our simple tagline “Pack. Secure. Play.” While our hooks help people to ‘secure’ their gear in a very literal fashion, steeling yourself against the potential hazards (known and unknown) of the great outdoors is a vital part of staying safe. Now, LYNX Hooks alone won’t defend you against a bear, or the cold, or the sun, or the storm. But, we like to think we make it a little easier to pack in your bear spray, tie down your shelter, or carry all your extra layers. Because that’s our goal. To help you, whether you’re living life in the wild or living a wild life, stay safe and get out there.

Bikers in Brazil #GetHooked on LYNX! December 4, 2015 13:07

Brazil has got LYNX fever. Bikers are really going bananas for our interlocking, adjustable tie-downs. Check out this recent article from, a premiere Brazilian motorcycling website, roughly translated below: 

"Present in Two Wheels Hall, held in Sao Paulo in October, LYNX Hooks reaches the national market bringing innovation for Brazilian bikers. The US company will market in Brazil its multipurpose mooring system; interlocking and adjustable.

With LYNX Hooks Straps, you can forget the outdated elastic strings, popularly known as spiders. Made with quality material, the product has patented hook plastic high impact ABS, strong and flexible, solid rubber ROK Straps with protection against UV rays, water and salt spray. Their interlocking hooks can be mounted in several mooring and size combinations. Its length is adjustable between 48 and 114 centimeters. To further facilitate your life and bring practicality, the novelty of the LYNX Hooks has quick-release buckle, allowing access to the cargo quickly and safely.

The interlocking and adjustable multi-purpose mooring system LYNX Hooks, a development that brings a lot of security and convenience for motorcyclists, either while traveling, whether on a daily basis, is available in seven colors: fluorescent green, blue, orange, red, reflective black camouflaged and black."

To Yoga With LYNX Hooks November 18, 2015 12:28

Sometimes it helps to be reminded we don’t always need fancy equipment, power sports and a reservation to get out there. It’s the simple things and the simple moments where we can connect most with nature, and with another.

Let LYNX help you get out there.

Get to the Pool Fast and Green September 23, 2015 14:46

Headed to the gym? Why not bike? It can be a pain with clunky, awkward gym bags  and their handles hanging down from your luggage rack, threatening to get tangled up in your spokes! Instead, try throwing your clothes, towels, and all the necessities in a repurposed shipping box. Add a LYNX Hooks Bobtail here, a LYNX Hook tie-down there, adjust the straps, and you’ve got yourself one very chic, very secure gym box, in no time! #PackSecurePlay