Our Company

We're avid outdoorsmen, and good friends. When we're not working, we spend every possible minute outside — in the woods, in the mountains, on the trails and back roads, on the water. In all kinds of weather. We travel light, and we depend heavily on good tools that perform well at more than one job. And, though we’re not into drama, we've learned that having the best tools can mean the difference between having a great time versus having a frustrating time, suffering a serious injury, or worse.

Like you, we’ve experienced the allure of a new product, only to find its performance disappointing. That’s why we spent four years perfecting our hooks, and another two finding just the right stretch-strap configuration to use with them. Initially, we planned to use straps of our own design, because nothing "out there" measured up to our standards of quality. Then we found the Adjustable Pack Strap by Rok Straps™— excellent materials, a clever design that includes adjustability and quick-release, and frankly awesome quality control. Rok customized their strap for us, and the result is a match made in heaven: in our opinion, the world's best gear strap married to the world's best hooks.

We're really proud of LYNX Hooks Gear Straps, but you probably already figured that out.