Dealers and Distributors

At LYNX Hooks Systems, we understand it takes more than a great product for success — it takes a strong distribution and dealer network and an attentive crew. We know you have many product choices, and we appreciate your interest in our Interlocking Adjustable Tie-Down System for outdoor gear. We’re committed to make it easy and worth your while to join our network of distributors and dealers. We’re actively growing and maintaining a domestic and international marketing program to drive customers to our dealers, including many benefits:

  • A great product line that is a huge leap forward in quality and design from its competitors.
  • Eye-catching and durable motion LYNX Hooks POP countertop display rack, free with MOQ orders.
  • Indoor/outdoor display banner, free with MOQ orders.
  • A growing library of free, downloadable promotional product videos for looping in-store display.
  • Customer brochures/product rack cards for POP displays.
  • Easy ordering. Fast fulfillment. Experienced shipping options.
  • Margins calculated to maximize your profits.
  • New products always in the pipeline to keep our line fresh.


Please download our LYNX Hooks Dealer/Distributor application.