LYNX Hooks "Outdoorsman" Stash Bag

$ 76.99

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Here’s what you get in the LYNX Hooks Outdoorsman Stash Bag™:

  • 2 matched pairs of LYNX Hooks Interlocking Adjustable Gear Straps – enough for a 3- or 4-way cluster and a variety of tie-down configurations. You choose the color from our lineup.
  • 4 LYNX Hooks Bobtails™: For when your anchor point won’t accommodate a standard hook, or when you want a LYNX interlocking hook ready and waiting. Just pass the Bobtail’s end loop around or through your anchor point, then pull the LYNX Hook through the loop.
  • 4 Gear Grabbers™, so you can hook to outdoor fabrics without damaging them. For when there isn’t a grommet where you need it on a tarp, backpack, tent wall, tent fly, boat cover, awning, horse blanket, etc. View our 1-minute “Gear Grabber” video for a quick demo. 
  • The durable, breathable nylon mesh drawstring LYNX Hooks storage bag, medium size. Perfect for keeping your LYNX Hooks straps and accessories safe and handy.

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